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Automation where possible. Personal attention when needed.

You never get a second chance for a first impression

Creating the ultimate online admission experience

New students have hundreds of options to choose from. The first experience when reaching out determines the impression a potential student gets. Many things need to be right, but the first thing can’t go wrong. We help you nail it and make sure you don’t drop the ball.

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About us

Education experience

As a teacher at Esade business school for their Master programs and MBA program I have seen first hand the experiences from students in the process of choosing the right program and institute.

Digital marketing

With over 20+ years experience in the field of digital marketing & innovation in both Corporate and Startup settings I know different marketing approaches for all budgets and audiences.


Having employed multiple businesses with small teams of great people has taught me how to get from A to B on a shoestring budget and with the right technology choices.

Our Partners

Our partners are doing great things for the education sector, and we are delighted to work closely with them and proud to recommend them to our customers.

A good reputation starts with an adequate response to inquiries

Our areas of expertise

In AdmissionFlow we help you streamline student recruitment, enrollment, admissions and retention by providing a comprehensive view of every contact. Use your student information system to send automated submission reminders, interview dates and offer letters without delay to provide a great experience throughout the entire student lifecycle.

Student recruitment

Robust personalised journeys to guide actions and encourage behaviour. We automate the lead capture and qualify based on interests and interactions. - LEARN MORE

Staff training

We integrate with the environment you already have and help with the setup and optimization as well as hands-on training of the admission office members. - LEARN MORE

Marketing campaigns

We assist in optimizing your multi-channel marketing efforts to reach the right students at the right time giving insights through tracking in your return on ad spend. - LEARN MORE

Admissions management

Use your student admission CRM to send submission reminders, interview dates and offer letters without delay. Make communications seamless with phone- , email-, and social media integrations. - LEARN MORE

Student success

By focusing on making admissions and onboarding as seamless as possible, we can set our students up for a fantastic start to the year. With a bit of effort and preparation, we can make sure they feel welcomed, supported, and ready to dive in. - LEARN MORE

Alumni engagement

Alumni are great ambassadors and can share objective opinions to new students. We help you keep in touch & leverage their willingness to help new students make the right choice. - LEARN MORE

Automated replies
for brochure requests

Condition based
Next actions based on student interaction

Automatic assignment
Fair distribution amongst admission officers

Admission Flow

We automate where possible and make it personal when needed. To speed up replies with standard documentation and ensure timely response to custom questions.

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